3 - Fairfax City, VA
Katcher meeting Gimli (who *adores* dogs :)
Silky ears & sweet faces:
Katcher & KC
KC & Katcher mingling with Yumi (foxhound rescued from Caroline County shelter in '08) & kitties Gimli, Niko & Ravi (who've already taken over the dog bed).  The pups are FABULOUS with the cats,
couldn't ask for better!  You can tell they've probably never seen a cat before but they are very polite & respectful.  Our cats are very dog-savvy
& could care less about an other dog

Happy Pups!
These 2 dogs are so sweet-natured! Katcher, the
smaller one, is a little nervous but he's settling
in ok & relaxing a bit.  KC is very easy-going &
friendly, always smiling & wagging.  They're very
well-behaved & sweet :)

They had a vet appt. Friday for a check up & HW
test.  Dr. Hall estimated Katcher to be about 3.5 yrs
old & KC about 2.5.  They're in good health overall,
just a little underweight, but they have bad breath &
tartar so they'll have dentals done when they get
neutered. Their fur is v. soft & silky :)

They love to romp & explore in our large back yard (where at the moment the snow is so deep that the smaller dogs can hardly get through - I'll have to dig some trenches).

We'll work on some training (they're already learning
how to "sit"), put some weight on their bones, &
prep them for a happy forever home.

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