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Alley Cat Allies, the ultimate resource for info on feral cat issues, has several excellent links that explain terms, concepts & details:

Frequently Asked Questions:


CR!FR Facts & Info:

How long has CR!FR been rescuing cats?
Our first rescue was in October, 2002.  The mission of CR!FR was the effort of primarily one person until May 2006, when we were incorporated.  In August 2006 we were granted non-profit status from the IRS.

Does CR!FR adopt out rescued cats?
Many of our cats would not make suitable pets for the average person.  Several would make wonderful companions & are available for adoption to the right person.

Why is CR!FR opposed to letting cats outdoors?
Because the life expectancy of outdoor cats is shorter than that of indoor cats.  There are many hazards that cause outdoor cats harm, such as automobiles, aggressive/unvaccinated cats/dogs/wild animals/birds of prey, parasites, pesticides/poisons, cruel humans, etc.  For the cats' safety, we require that they are kept indoors.

If that doesn't convince you, perhaps this link will [WARNING: Contains Upsetting Imagery]: click here.

Does CR!FR breed cats?
Heavens, no.  Our aim is to curb feline over-population, not contribute to it.  We rescue homeless cats & provide a stable loving home for those who are not adoptable.  All of our cats are spayed or neutered!

Can I visit CR!FR?
Our adopatable cats are in foster homes, we don't have a central shelter.  To meet our adoptable cats, please send an e'mail & we'll arrange a meeting.

I'm moving & can't take my cat with me.  Can CR!FR take it?
Unfortunately we are unable to accept new surrenders until we can expand our facilities.
- Please contact the groups below or others on  Ask them if you can bring your cat to their adoption fairs as a guest.  They'll likely want you to use their contract & rules & give up the adoption fee.  It's worth it to help find a good home for this cat.
- Ask a rescue group to guest-list your cat on their Petfinder site.
- Post flyers at vets' offices in your area.
- Take some nice photos, write a heart-touching description & try posting on (be sure to thoroughly screen potential adopters & do a home visit if possible.  See our adoption application for ideas).

- **TIP: a rescue group is more likely to accept your cat if you offer a donation to cover the costs of its care.**

RESCUE GROUPS (mostly Northern VA area)
- Alliance for Stray Animals & People - WDC
- Advocats - Madison, VA
- A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation - Chantilly, VA
- Animal Allies - Fairfax Station, VA
- Barkshire Woods - Pr William, Stafford, Fauquier, Culpeper Counties
- Casey's House - Bluemont, VA
- Castle Cats - Fairfax/Annadale, VA
- Cats Are Tops - Annandale, VA
- Commonwealth Cat Rescue Inc. - Centreville, VA
- Companion Animal Resource Exchange (CARE) - Bethesda, MD
- Dewey Animals - Chantilly, VA
- Fancy Cats Rescue Team - Herndon, VA
- Fairfax City Adopt-A-Pet
- Fairfax County Animal Shelter
- Fauquier County SPCA - Casanova, VA
- Field Rescue - Manassas, VA
- Feline Foundation of Greater Washington
- Feline Network - Springfield, VA
- Four Paws Rescue Team - VA, MD, DC
- Friends of Homeless Animals - Merrifield, VA
- Furry Suits Rescue - Herndon, VA
- HART - Homeless Animals Rescue Team - Fairfax, VA
- Home Alone Feline Rescue - Arlington, VA
- Home Stretch Animal Rescue - Reston, VA
- Homeward Trails Animal Rescue - Arlington, VA
- Humane Society of Fairfax County
- Humane Society of Loudoun County
- Janet's Rescues and Placements - Dale City, VA
- King Street Cats - Alexandria, VA
- Last Chance Animal Rescue - MD, DC, VA
- Little Buddies - Centreville, VA
- Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation - NoVa
- Middleburg Humane Foundation - Marshall, VA
- Neuter Now Inc - Fairfax, VA
- Noah's Ark Foundation - Woodbridge, VA
- Northern Virginia Animal League - Manassas,VA
- Paws & Claws - Reston, VA
- Persian Rescue - Ashburn, VA
- Pet Assistance League of Virginia - Stafford, VA
- Pet Harbor Siberian Husky & Cat Rescue - Central & No VA
- Purebred Cat Breed Rescue - Nationwide
- Riverside Rescue - Baileys Crossroads, VA
- Save a Dog, Save a Cat (SADSAC) - Dumfries, VA
- Siamese Cat Rescue Center - Locust Dale, VA
- Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals - Arlington, VA
- Shiloh Project - Fairfax, VA
- Whiskers & Wags - Fredericksburg, VA
- Cats In Crisis - Special Needs Cats, Mountville, PA
- Virginia Reptile Rescue
- Bunny Lu Adoptions Rabbit Rescue - Manassas, VA
- House Rabbit Society - Nationwide
- All Breed Rescue
- Mostly dog rescues -
- Pets With Disabilities - Prince Frederick, MD
- Local Adoption Groups & Resources -

There's a group of stray cats in my neighborhood.  Can CR!FR come & get them?
We can't take in any new cats but we can assist you in humanely trapping them.  We can then help you get them spayed/neutered at a discount clinic.  Then they can return to your neighborhood where you can continue to feed/care for them & they won't keep breeding.

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