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RESCUE GROUPS (mostly Northern VA)
SPAY/NEUTER, Pet Over-Population
Feral Cats
Winter Shelters for Feral/Outdoor Cats
Humane Traps, Equipment
Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Low-Cost Vet Options for Feral Cats
Not discount clinics, but will handle ferals (VA)
Not discount clinics, but will handle ferals (MD)

NoVa Cats-Only Clinics
Veterinary Assistance Programs
Mobile Vets
Emergency Vet Clinics & Veterinary Specialists
Pet/Adoption Resources
Rescue Sanctuaries
Advocacy, Activism, Education
Pet Health
Dogs: Chained, Racing, Iditarod
Puppy Mills
Horses: Racing, Premarin, Rodeo, Slaughter
Farmed Animals
Foie Gras
Marine Life
Circus Animal Abuse
Animal Testing

Ecology, Environment

Local Business
International Organizations
International Animals Issues
Worthy Efforts

RESCUE GROUPS (mostly Northern VA area)
- Alliance for Stray Animals & People - WDC
- Advocats - Madison, VA
- A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation - Chantilly, VA
- Animal Allies - Fairfax Station, VA
- Barkshire Woods - Pr William, Stafford, Fauquier, Culpeper Counties
- Casey's House - Bluemont, VA
- Castle Cats - Fairfax/Annadale, VA
- Cats Are Tops - Annandale, VA
- Commonwealth Cat Rescue Inc. - Centreville, VA
- Companion Animal Resource Exchange (CARE) - Bethesda, MD
- Dewey Animals - Chantilly, VA
- Fancy Cats Rescue Team - Herndon, VA
- Fairfax City Adopt-A-Pet
- Fairfax County Animal Shelter
- Fauquier Couny SPCA - Casanova, VA
- Field Rescue - Manassas, VA
- Feline Foundation of Greater Washington
- Feline Network - Springfield, VA
- Four Paws Rescue Team - VA, MD, DC
- Friends of Homeless Animals - Merrifield, VA
- Furry Suits Rescue - Herndon, VA
- HART - Homeless Animals Rescue Team - Fairfax, VA
- Home Alone Feline Rescue - Arlington, VA
- Home Stretch Animal Rescue - Reston, VA
- Homeward Trails Animal Rescue - Arlington, VA
- Humane Society of Fairfax County
- Humane Society of Loudoun County
- Janet's Rescues and Placements - Dale City, VA
- Joanna Harkin
- King Street Cats - Alexandria, VA
- Last Chance Animal Rescue - MD, DC, VA
- Little Buddies - Centreville, VA
- Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation - NoVa
- Middleburg Humane Foundation - Marshall, VA
- Neuter Now Inc - Fairfax, VA
- Noah's Ark Foundation - Woodbridge, VA
- Northern Virginia Animal League - Manassas,VA
- Paws & Claws - Reston, VA
- Persian Rescue - Ashburn, VA
- Pet Assistance League of Virginia - Stafford, VA
- Pet Harbor Siberian Husky & Cat Rescue - Central & No VA
- Pets Bring Joy - Fairfax City, VA
- Purebred Cat Breed Rescue - Nationwide
- Richmond Animal League - Richmond, VA
- Save a Dog, Save a Cat (SADSAC) - Dumfries, VA
- Shelby's Foundation For Feline Rescue - Harrisonburg, VA
- Siamese Cat Rescue Center - Locust Dale, VA
- Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals - Arlington, VA
- Shiloh Project - Fairfax, VA
- Whiskers & Wags - Fredericksburg, VA
- Web Of Life Animal Outreach - VA Beach
- Cats In Crisis - Special Needs Cats, Mountville, PA
- Virginia Reptile Rescue
- Bunny Lu Adoptions Rabbit Rescue - Manassas, VA
- House Rabbit Society - Nationwide
- All Breed Rescue
- Dream Catcher Farm Horse Sanctuary - Rocky Mount, VA
- Animal Allies - Spartanburg, S.C.
- Traveller's Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary - Spotsylvania, VA
- Mostly dog rescues - www.adoptarescuepet.org/virginia.htm
- Pets With Disabilities - Prince Frederick, MD
- Local Adoption Groups & Resources - http://www.petloverscompanion.com
- Animal Welfare League of Arlington Watch

- Y2Spay
- Metro Ferals - WDC
- Spay/Neuter Info: http://operationnoblefoster.org/speuter/snvirginia.htm
- Capital Animal Care
- VA Vets
- Top 6 Reasons to Spay & Neuter
- Imagine Humane
- Friends for Responsible Pet Care - www.neuteryourpet.org
- Humane Alliance
- Spay, Inc - VA, MD, WDC

- Pets Ltd Spay/Neuter Clinic for feral cats - Clifton, VA
- PWSPCA Neuter Commuter
- Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic - Fredericksburg, VA - rates are on website
- Washington Animal Rescue League has a free clinic.
- Washington Humane Society
- MetroFerals - WDC
- Spay Inc. - Help for residents of Maryland, DC, & Virginia.
PO Box 3240, Arlington, VA 22203
703-522-7920, 703-521-2677
- Friends of Animals is a NATIONWIDE program. Call 800-321-7387 or visit website to find participating vets near you.
- Humane Society of Loudoun County has a spay/neuter program
- Animal Welfare League of Alexandria offers a spay/neuter certificate
- Animal Welfare League of Arlington has a spay/neuter program
- Spay and Neuter All Pets (SNAP) - Louisa, VA
- Prevent A Litter Coalition - Great Falls, VA

- http://www.hsfc.org/fix.htm
- http://www.lovethatcat.com/spayneuter.html#va

Not discount clinics, but will handle ferals (Northern VA):
- Town & Country Animal Hospital - 9780 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031 - 703-273-2110
- Clifton-Centreville Animal Clinic, Dr. Tucker - 13822-A Braddock Rd., Centreville, VA 20121 - 703-830-8844
- Tacketts Mill Veterinary Hospital - 12793 Harbor Dr, Woodbridge - 703-494-8293
- Potomac Valley Veterinary Hospital - 9553 Braddock Rd, Fairfax, VA 22032 - 703-425-PETS (I understand Dr. Cheema gives a discount to rescues)
- Annandale Animal Hospital - 7405 Little River Tpke, Annandale, VA 22003 - 703-941-3100
Dr. Witter is the one to see for ferals.  He does spay/neuter as well as other treatment for ferals.
- Capitol Cat Clinic - 923 N. Kenmore Street, Arlington, VA 22201 - 703-522-1995 - Spay/neuter & treament
- All Pet Veterinarian Hospital - Dr. Sayed S. Masood - 703-327-6666

Not discount clinics, but will handle ferals (MD):
- Turkey Foot Animal Hospital - Dr. Dhillon - Gaithersburg - 301-921-8382
- Langley Animal Hospital - Dr. Dhillon - Hyattsville - 301-434-1500
- Bonifant Veterinary Clinic - Silver Spring - 301-384-4101
- Laytonsville Veterinary Practice - Laytonsville - 301-948-0158
- Poolesville Veterinary Clinic - Poolesville - 301-972-7705

Cats-Only Clinics (Northern VA)
- Capitol Cat Clinic - Arlington
- Feline Veterinary Hospital - Falls Church
- Feline Medical Care Center - Ashburn
- The Cat Hospital of Fairfax


Veterinary Assistance Programs

Feline Outreach
"Feline Outreach is a charitable organization formed to promote the routine and medical care of companion animals, particularly cats."  (Note: Feline Outreach was founded by people who have diabetic cats).

"Mission Statement: Helping people help pets.  To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals.  We are dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged."  (Note: IMOM has a special fund for diabetic cats).

American Animal Hospital Association
"The heartbreak happens all too often: a pet owner is unable to afford treatment and their sick or injured companion animal pays the price.  If the owner is elderly, disabled or on a fixed income, the cost of care may be too much of a stretch for their pocketbook.  Perhaps they have been victimized by crime, property loss or a job layoff and are experiencing a temporary financial hardship, making it too difficult to afford pet care.  And some animals, brought to clinics by Good Samaritans, don't have an owner to pay for treatment.  Whatever the situation, the fact remains the same: when sick or injured animals are unable to receive veterinary care, they suffer.  Through the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured pets even if they have been abandoned or if their owner is experiencing financial hardship."

Angels 4 Animals
"Angels4Animals, a non-profit organization and a program of Inner Voice Community Services, has a mission to serve as the guardian angel of animals whose caretakers find themselves in difficult financial situations.  At Angels4Animals we believe that animal owners should not have to say goodbye to the animals that they love.  Our work is accomplished in conjunction with veterinary clinics across the country, eager to assist as many animals, and their owners, as possible.  Our services range from financial aid to complete treatment to those pets and pet owners in need."

Care Credit
A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care.  "Care Credit, the leader in patient/client financing, has helped more than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they needed and wanted.  With a comprehensive range of plan options, for treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into almost every budget."

Cats in Crisis
"Cats in Crisis Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and humane organizations care for cats with chronic or emergency medical conditions through financial and fundraising assistance."

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP)
"The NEED & The HELP: Seniors, People with disabilities, People who have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten - any of these folks may need financial assistance to save a beloved companion."  The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.

God's Creatures Ministry
"This fund helps pay for veterinarian bills for those who need help."

The Handicapped Pets Foundation
is dedicated to the health and well-being of elderly, disabled, and injured pets.  We donate mobility equipment to pets in need.

"Our efforts focus on serving the elderly, the disabled, and the working poor.  For lonely seniors, physically/mentally challenged individuals and children of working parents, pets represent much more than a diversion."

The Mosby Foundation
P.O. Box 218
Deerfield, VA 24432
Phone 540-939-4035

The Pet Fund
"The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care.  Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or emergency vet visits.

Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect urgent medical needs because of the costs involved.  The purpose of the Pet Fund is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost."

The Pet Samaritan Fund
"provides financial assistance to individuals unable to afford medical care for their pet(s)."

Shakespeare Animal Fund
“Anyone can apply for funds, but SAF offers assistance primarily to those on fixed incomes or with annual incomes below $35,000.  Exceptions are made depending on circumstances.  It is always a one-time grant”

United Animal Nations - LifeLine
"The mission of LifeLine is to help homeless or recently rescued animals suffering from life-threatening conditions that require specific and immediate emergency veterinary care.  We strive to serve Good Samaritans and rescue groups who take in sick or injured animals.  In certain cases, LifeLine can also assist senior citizens and low-income families pay for immediate emergency veterinary care."

Other Groups Who are Breed-, Location-, or Injury-Specific:
Corgi Aid

For special needs and senior dobermans who need medical help.  You can donate to help them, or have them put your dobie up there if you need help, too!

" From time to time, HandicappedPets.com recognizes a caretaker of handicapped pets that need some special attention, and a little extra help.  There are those who are so selflessly dedicated to their animal families that they give up a little more than they can afford."

Labrador Lifeline

LabMed: Rx For Rescued Labs

NY Save
Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency

Westie Med
Westies in need of medical attention is our Mission - to distribute financial aid to injured or ill rescue Westies.


- Why 2 Kittens Are Better Than 1
- Bringing A New Cat Home
- Introducing A New Cat
- Safe Cat Campaign
- Rescued Chinese Cats
- Chinese Cats
- Lost Cat Behaviour - Article by Kat Albrecht, Pet Detective - Recover your lost cat
- Why Cats Should Be Kept Indoors
- Twenty Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors
- Casper, the British Bus-riding Cat, R.I.P.


- The Real Declaw Hall of Fame
- Why Cats Need Claws
- Tenectomies & Laser Declawing
- The Paw Project
- www.homevet.com/petcare/declaw.html
- http://amby.com/cat_site/declaw.html
- www.declawing.com
- www.purrfectpaw.com
- www.hdw-inc.com/declaw.htm
- HSUS - More Than Just a Manicure
- http://cats.about.com/od/declawing/tp/reasonsnot.htm

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- Alley Cat Allies
- Metro Cat Action Team
- Feral Cat Coalition
- Alley Cat Rescue
- Prince George’s Feral Friends - PG County, MD
- Shadow Cat Advocates - Fredericksburg, VA
- Fast Food Ferals
- Feral Cat Network
- MetroFerals - Arlington, VA/WDC
- Wild About Cats
- www.vetcentric.com/magazine/magazineArticle.cfm?ARTICLEID=1768%20
- www.bestfriends.org/archives/forums/feralcats.html
- www.bestfriends.org/archives/forums/ferals.html
- www.bestfriends.org/archives/forums/political.html
- Indy Ferals
- Operation Catnip
- Meower Power
- National Feral Cat Day
- Feral Friends - Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX
- Aggie Feral Cat Alliance of Texas - TX
- Oasis de los Gatos - NC
- Stray Cat Alliance - LA ferals

Mylar blankets for cat shelters


- Tru-Catch Traps
- Tomahawk Live Trap Manufacture
- ACES - Animal Care Equipment & Services
- Friendly Fence


** http://www.catsofaustralia.com/cat-enclosures-2.htm
http://www.classypetshop.com/large-dog-kennels.htm?gclid=CJ_37o2Z3YsCFSMKGgo d-xcocw
** http://www.lightheartedpress.com/cat_enclosure.htm

Dr. Nicole Brook, DVM
Homeward Bound Mobile Veterinary Services
P.O. Box 855, Fairfax, VA 22038
Serving: Fairfax & the surrounding areas

Dr. Marisa Gerth, DVM
Critterfixer's Mobile Veterinary Care
Serving: Arlington, Alexandria, Mt. Vernon, Burke, Springfield, Woodbridge, & surrounding areas

Dr. Juan Villar, DVM
Home Veterinary Care
703-451-9504, Emergency Pager: 866-743-8356

Around Town Mobile Veterinary Clinic
9030 Sainsbury Court, Bristow, VA 20136

The Housecall Vet, LLC
Dr. Nia M. Perkins
Serving: greater Alexandria Virginia area & neighboring cities

- Alexandria Veterinary Emergency Service - 2660 Duke St, Alexandria - 703-823-3601
- Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Fair Oaks, at Pender Veterinary Centre - 4001 Legato Rd, Fairfax - 703-652-4911
- South Paws Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Center - 8500 Arlington Blvd., Fairfax - 703-752-9100
- Regional Veterinary Referral Center - 6651 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150 - 703-451-8900 - rvrc@erols.com
- Emergency Veterinary Clinic of NoVa - (formerly the Hope Center) 140 Park St SE, Vienna, VA 22180 - 703-281-5121
- Eastern Exotic Veterinary Center - Fairfax, VA


PET/ADOPTION RESOURCEShttp://ruralshelgspot.commMMMMMMMMMMMMMmback to top
- Petfinder.com
- Rural Shelter Rescue
- Pets In Need-Virginia
- No More Homeless Pets D.C.

- Home 4 The Holidays
- Pet Lovers Companion

- PetSavers
- www.adoptarescuepet.org/virginia.htm
- Pet Network
- Pets911
- Adoption - www.adoptapet.com
- Fairfax City Animal Shelter
- Adopt a Research Cat
- MetroPets Online - WDC
- Cats With No Name
- How Could You?
- Rehoming Your Companion Animal
- Military Pets Foster Program
- Senior Citizens & Pets
- Bunny Basics
- Smoking is Bad for Birds

- Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary - Poolesville, MD
- Rikki’s Refuge - Orange, VA
- Pigs, A Sanctuary - Shepherdstown, WV
- Performing Animal Welfare Society
- Farm Sanctuary - Watkins Glen, NY
- Best Friends Animal Society - Kanab, Utah
- Equine Rescue League - Leesburg, VA
- Days End Farm Horse Rescue - Lisbon, MD

- Caring for Creatures - Palmyra, VA
- Rude Ranch - Harwood, MD
- Primarily Primates - San Antonio, TX
- American Tortoise Rescue
- M*A*S*H Rescue (horse & premarin foal rescue) - CA
- Unwanted Horse Coalition - Facilities that Accept Horses
- For The Animals Sanctuary - farmed animals sanctuary, Blairstown NJ


ADVOCACY, ACTIVISM, EDUCATION h t t p : / / r uralshelgspot.commMMMMback to top
- Animal Protection Institute
- All Creatures
- Action For Animals Network - Alexandria, VA
- Animals Asia
- The Animals Voice
- Animal Abuse Database - www.pet-abuse.com
- About The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
- International Fund for Animal Welfare
- Animal Concerns
- Animal News
- Avian Welfare Coalition
- Animal Legal Defense Fund
- Best Friends Animal Society
- Companions for Life
- Compassion Over Cruelty
- National Humane Education Society
- No Kill Advocacy Center
- Miami SeaPrison
- In Defense of Animals
- Kinship Circle
- Humane Charity Seal of Approval
- Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery
- Undercover TV
- Animal Exploitation Pictorial
- Last Chance for Animals
- Korean Animal Protection Society
- Jane Goodall Institute
- HSUS Legislative Fund
- Humane Society of the US
- ASPCA - Fight Animal Abuse
- How to Help Animals
- League of Humane Voters
- United Humanitarians
- United Animal Nations
- Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare
- HSUS - http://video.hsus.org
- Author of “Dominion” - www.matthewscully.com
- World Horse Welfare

- Dr. Michael Fox, DVM - http://www.twobitdog.com/DrFox/
- http://talktothevet.com
- Vaccine Concerns - www.theanimalspirit.com/vacines.html
- Hartz Products - http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5905/know_the_dangers_of_hartz_flea_tick.html
- Hartz Products - www.pets-haven.com/hartz_products.htm

- Secondhand Smoke: Silent Killer Hurts Pets, Too

- Outside dogs - HSUS
- Dogs Deserve Better
- Help A Chained Dog
- Unchain Your Dog
- France - www.seashepherd.org/news/media_050818_1.html
- Greece - www.abolitionist-online.com/interviewissue05_street.animals.greece.marijo.g.shtml
- China - www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/08/01/world/main1855386_page2.shtml
- Real Men Don’t Lynch Dogs
- Iditarod - www.helpsleddogs.org
- Yukon Quest
- Contact Iditarod Sponsors
- Greyhounds
- Citizens Against Greyhound Racing
- Greyhound Protection League
- Grey2K

- Petstore Cruelty
- Prisoners of Greed
- Puppy Mill Information - www.dachshund.org/puppymill.html
- Hearts United For Animals
- Puppy Mill Pictures
- Puppy Mill Rescue
- Puppy Mill Videos
- Puppy Mill Protest
- Puppy Mill Abuse: Breeding For Bucks
- Pets By Nature
- RatBone Rescue
- United Against Puppy Mills
- Stop Puppy Mills
- Boycott Petland
- PuppyMills.com
- Prisoners for Profit
- Puppy Mills: What You Can Do
- Puppy Mill Fighters
- No Puppy Mills
- HSUS - puppy mill info
- Say No To Animals In Pet Shops
- IDA - puppy mill info
- Puppies Arent Products
- www.samsmiles.org/petstore.html
- North PA Puppy Mill Watch
- Puppy e-Mills Churn Out Sick Dogs - article
- Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, Inc.
- Fairfax Petland Guilty
- ASPCA - Fight Cruelty - Puppy Mills
- Pa Cash Crop
- Main Line Animal Rescue - Chester Springs, PA

HORSES: Racing, Premarin, Rodeo, Slaughter
- SHARK - horse slaughter
- SHARK - rodeo cruelty
- SHARK - Cheyenne rodeo cruelty
- Premarin Mare Rescue
- Premarin & PMU Farms
- Premarin Alternatives (Equine Rescue)
- Equine Rescue Premarin Info
- Mary Nash's Horse Slaughter Site
- Just Say Whoa
- Carriage Horses - EquineAdvocates.org
- Premarin - www.equineadvocates.com/premarin.html
- Equine Rescue League
- Dream Catcher Farm Horse Sanctuary
- US Equine Rescue League
- Equine Advocates, Inc. - horse slaughter
- Equine Protection Network - horse slaughter
- Horse Inc. - horse slaughter
- Omak Suicide Race - HSUS
- Omak Suicide Race - http://usesr.org/Omak-Suicide-Race.html
- Omak Suicide Race
- Return To Freedom - American Wild Horse Sanctuary, Lompoc, CA

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- www.farmanimalshelters.org/index.htm
- United Poultry Concerns
- Farm Sanctuary
- Sentient Beings
- Dairy By-Product Calves Suffering

- Stop Force Feeding - Ban Foie Gras
- The Truth About Foie Gras- www.gourmetcruelty.com


- Import Stop
- Dog & Cat Fur Trade
- Fur Kills
- HSUS - Betrayal of Trust - The Global Trade in Dog & Cat Fur
- HSUS - How Do Fur Animals Die?
- Karakul Wool - Fetal Lambs Killed For Their Fur
- Food Not Fur
- Coats for Cubs - Donate old furs coats to wildlife rescue
- Fur is Dead
- Chinchillas - www.peta.org/feat/chinchilla/index.html
- Fur is Dead - Chinese Fur Farms
- Dogs & Cats Skinned Alive for Their Fur in China

- SHARK - www.sharkonline.org/?P=0000000423
- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/12/20/wbulls20.xml
- The Extreme Cruelty of BULLFIGHTING
- The bloody moment a matador is gored by a bull
- Stop Our Shame
- BullFighting-Free Europe
- How every family in Britain is paying to keep alive the barbarism that is bullfighting

- Seals - www.seashepherd.org/seals
- Stop The SealHunt
- Dolphins - Japanese dolphin slaughter
- www.bluevoice.org/sections/dolphins/save.shtml
- Shark Finning
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2UKgLsOhRM
- www.sharkattacks.com/sharksvictims.htm
- Blue Voice

- www.starbreezes.com/11/circusabuse.html
- Circuses.com
- IDA - The Tortured Lives of Baby Elephants in Circuses
- Help Elephants
- PETA - www.readthehook.com/stories/2006/09/28/NEWS-circusabuse-c.doc.aspx
- www.wesh.com/news/6835927/detail.html
- http://elephant.elehost.com/News/General_News/About_Circuses/about_circuses.html
- www.peta.org/mc/factsheet_display.asp?ID=66

- March of Dimes Concerns
- Helping Animals in Research
- Smoking Animals
- Working for Animals used in Research Drugs & Surgery - www.ouranimalwards.org
- Procter & Gamble Animal Testing
- Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics

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- Your Ecological Footprint
- Everyday Activist
- Envirolink
- Public Lands Without Livestock
- Alice Ferguson Foundation
- Clean Fairfax Council

- Animal Place
- The Vegetarian Site
- Vegan Recipes
- Vegetarian Society of DC
- Sunflower Vegatarian Restaurant - Vienna, VA
- Vegan Outreach
- Vegetarian Cooking Classes in NoVa
- Vegetarian Shoes & Bags
- Veg Info - www.veganswers.com
- International Vegtarian Union
- Vegetarian Resource Guide
- Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine
- Pangea Vegan Products
- Vegan Wares
- Veggies Unite! - http://www.vegweb.com

- Wildlife Rescue League - 703-440-0800 - NORTHERN VA
- Defenders of Wildlife
- http://www.savealaskawolves.org
- http://www.tld.net/users/fconserv/List.htm

- Wildlife Incidents
- Co-Existing with Canada Geese
- Buffalo Field Campaign
- American Tortoise Rescue
- Mass Extinction - www.well.com/user/davidu/extinction.html
- Chinese Bear Bile Farms - Animals Asia
- Chinese Bear Bile Farms - http://justnicephotos.homestead.com/AnimalsAsia.html
- Wildlife International
- Tortoise Protection Group


- Pet Pantry Express
- Pet First Aid Classes
- All Friends Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog-Walking
- Villaridge Pet Sitters - Reston, VA
- Nova Petsitters
- Lost Dog Cafe - Arlington VA
- Stray Cat Cafe - Arlington VA
- Bark 'n' Bubbles Self Service Dog Wash - Herndon & Ashburn, VA
- PetMAC Marketplace & Adoption Center - Arlington, VA
- Wylie Wagg - Tysons, Fairfax, Middleburg

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI)
- Beirut For the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Lebanon
- Animals Lebanon
- International Animal Rescue
- Princess Alia Foundation
- Animals Asia

- China - Cat dropping experiment stirs pet welfare concerns
- China - Live animals thrown to the tigers - for the amusement of the crowd
- Save Japan Dolphins
- "It's Their Destiny"
- Animal News Info - China
- Spotlight on China
- Asian Animal Protection Network - Companion Animals
- Asian Animal Protection Network - Cats As Food
- Korean Dogs
- IDA - Animal Abuse in Korea
- Greek Animal Rescue


FreeKibble.com - Mimi Ausland
- One Million Acts of Kindness
- The Animal Rescue Site

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